Bath Shower Curtains

Bathroom shower curtains can come in a variety of different styles, materials, patterns, colors, and price ranges. The most common type of bathroom shower curtain are vinyl shower curtains. They are very popular because they are cheap, effective, and oftentimes very stylish and unique. They can be purchased practically anywhere where bath accessories are sold. Vinyl is also great because there is more variety due to the ease of printing. You can find a variety of different vinyl styles ranging from the boutique curtains at Urban Outfitters to the more traditional toned down Target curtains.

Fabric shower curtains also make great bathroom shower curtains. The downside is that the selection is not as vast, and the cost is also significantly more. Many argue that these types of curtains last significantly longer (which is highly dependent upon the individuals care). Some prefer the texture of fabric shower curtains because they feel it fits their bathroom theme better. Bathroom shower curtains are often hung from a steel rail or bar attached to multiple hooks and grommets.